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Quality and assisted Old Age Home Johannesburg

Casa Serena offers quality care in all its departments…

Midcare, Assisted living & Frail care

Our Old Age Home Johannesburg has its own catering department which is operated by highly qualified chefs. The catering department can satisfy diverse diets including those for diabetics, meals are served three times per day and are substantial and balanced. All meals are discussed with specialized dietitians. Auxiliary nurses are ever present in the dining room for any emergency. Residents with mobility problems will always be aided by our nursing personnel, and if not well they will be served in their room. Professional nurses, enrolled nurses, auxiliaries and care givers operate two daily shifts of 12 hours each (day and night) and they all report to the leadership of a matron. The rooms are very cozy and justly spacious. they all receive the necessary daylight and are kept warm by a underfloor heating system. The bathroom has a “sitting” shower for safety measures rather than the traditional bath tub.

Casa Serena also makes use of the services of two medical doctors, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a physiotherapist. Personnel of the medical sector are responsible for the hygiene, care and any form of assistance to the residents. Personnel are available at anytime of the day and night for any need that may arise to guarantee comfort, security and serenity to all residents. We Retirement Home Johannesburg area is fitted with many alarm systems such as cameras, monitors and panic buttons to supervise the residents.

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